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Expert interprets China's defense paper (3)

(China Military Online)

13:32, April 19, 2013

Safeguarding maritime rights and interests is an important responsibility of the PLA

Maritime rights and interests are one of the topics with high concerns in today's public opinion. In the new defense paper, sections of "Safeguarding maritime rights and interests" and "Safeguarding overseas interests" also appear for the first time. "This reflects the objective reality that development interest has become an important part of the national interests," said Chen Zhou.

According to Chen Zhou, in terms of safeguarding maritime rights and interests, China is a big country of both land and seas, with around 3 million square kilometers of sea area under its jurisdiction. In terms of safeguarding overseas interests, the security issues regarding overseas energy resources, maritime strategic channels as well as overseas citizens and legal entities have become increasingly prominent. Therefore, safeguarding national maritime rights and interests with resolution, enhancing the capability of overseas operations and providing reliable security guarantees for overseas interests of China are all important responsibilities of the PLA.

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