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Love stories of China's literary giant Lu Xun (2)

Guangming Online)  10:02, April 12, 2013  

Love stories of China's literary giant Lu Xun  (2)

It is a touching love story between Lu Xun and Xu Guangping. Before knowing Xu Guangping, Lu Xun led an ascetic life though he was already married. It is Xu’s passion and understanding that touched Lu Xun, and they began to live together in Shanghai since October, 1927.

Xu was actively involved in the anti-Yang Yingyu protests at Beijing Women's Normal University. Her first letter to Lu(3/11/1925) sought to enlist his support in their cause. The letters get increasingly frank and personal. On April 12, 1925, she pays her first visit to Lu Xun's home. On Oct. 8, 1927, they begin sharing a room.

They take a "honeymoon" to Hangzhou from July 12-17, 1928, invited there by Xu Qinwen. Lu Xun insisted that Xu share a room with them. Only when Xu got pregnant visibly in 1929 did they make their relationship known to his family. She gave birth to their only offspring, Haiying, on Sept. 27, 1929.

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