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Xi stresses Hainan's development as resort island (2)


08:31, April 11, 2013

Concerned about ecological conservation in Hainan, Xi expressed hope that the province can balance economic development and ecological protection.

"A good ecological environment is the fairest public product, and the most accessible welfare for the people," he said. "Green mountains, clear water and blue sky are Hainan's biggest strength in building an international resort island, and must be cherished and taken good care of."

On Monday afternoon, he visited a local fishermen's association in Tanmen Township of Qionghai City and boarded a ship which was just back from a fishing mission on the South China Sea. He shook hands with fishermen and asked about their fishing and income, wishing them safety during fishing journeys and a better life.

After visiting a rose farm in Yalong Bay, Sanya, on Tuesday afternoon, he urged greater efforts in tapping Hainan's advantage in growing tropical agricultural products.

On Wednesday morning, the president visited an international cruise terminal in Phoenix island, Sanya. He urged local authorities to speed up the formation of a modern service industry with tourism as the leading sector.

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