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Xi warns against chaos in region (2)

(China Daily)

08:33, April 08, 2013

Onodera will soon issue an order to the Self-Defense Forces to prepare to intercept any DPRK ballistic missiles, Kyodo News Agency quoted unnamed Japanese government sources as saying on Sunday.

Teng Jianqun, a researcher at the China Institute of International Studies, said flexing muscles "leads to nothing but heavy losses".

As the situation is reaching a "critical point", some parties may send signals to gradually cool heated tensions, Teng said.

The Pentagon has delayed an intercontinental ballistic missile test to avoid misperceptions, media in Washington reported on Saturday.

Seoul and Washington postponed an annual military meeting on April 16 in Washington involving General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, and his Republic of Korea counterpart General Jung Seung-jo, AFP said.

Huang said the US seemingly softened its posture to "secure some channels for dialogue" as Washington has long hoped to seek a path for communication.

Shi Yuanhua, director of the Center for Korean Studies under the Institute of International Studies of Fudan University in Shanghai, said the situation proves that the relationship between Pyongyang and Washington remains in a deadlock, and some members of Washington's think tank have realized that consistent high pressure on Pyongyang has not paid off.

The "vicious cycle" will be ramped up if both sides refuse to step back, and it remains to be seen whether they can strike a balance, Shi said.

Beijing will continue to play a constructive role, adhere to peace and facilitate talks to properly handle issues, Xi said.

It is important that countries resolve differences through dialogue in the larger interest of the sound growth of their relations, Xi said.

Xi's speech was in line with remarks he made during a meeting with foreign experts in December, when he first mapped out his foreign affairs agenda after becoming Party leader in November.

"China will never seek hegemony or expansionism," he said at the meeting.

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