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Iran's Deputy FM visits Egypt to deepen ties, seek solutions to Syrian crisis (2)

By Shaimaa Behery (Xinhua)

20:38, April 01, 2013

Some sources, on condition of anonymity, told Xinhua that the Iranian official discussed with Brahimi and al-Arabi the possibility of accepting the Geneva 2 initiation which provided a national dialogue includes the whole Syrian sides and formation of a coalition transitional government.

Hammad excluded any possibility of consensus between Egypt and Iran over a solution for the Syrian crisis, regarding the incongruity between their standpoints, specially after the AL decided to give the Syrian seat to the opposition National Opposition Coalition.

"Iran can only accept a solution to the Syrian crisis in case that Assad accepts secured quit, and in case that Iran is assured that Assad will be replaced with a successor maintaining the Iranian existence in Syria," he said, noting even this "can't occur currently."

Echoing Hammad's view, Eman Abdel-Haleem, Iranian affairs expert and political studies professor with the Cairo University, said "that the difference gap between Iran and Egypt on Syria is still wide."

"Difference between Egypt and Iran regarding the Syrian crisis is clear since the beginning," said Abdel-Haleem, adding that Iran can't abandon its support to the Assad's regime, specially with Syria's continuing support to Hezbollah party in Lebanon.

Meanwhile, Abdel-Haleem saw that Iran was keen to complete the policy of opening up to Egypt, specially after feeling its ally Syria is threatened.

"Egypt is keen to deepen ties with Iran, but this doesn't mean Egypt is willing to lose the Gulf states. It means that Egypt tries to find a card to pressure the Gulf states," she said.

"The steps by the Egyptian leadership and Muslim Brotherhood to regain ties with Iran will be crippled by the Salafists' objection, " Abdel-Azeem said, noting that Muslim Brotherhood wouldn't resist the Salafists' objections because they don't want to increase the conflict with the Salafists whose popularity is increasing in the Egyptian streets.

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