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Travel to the heart of the Forbidden City for some tasty Korean food (2)

China Daily)  09:32, January 28, 2013  

The rice ball fondue is a combination of glutinous rice balls floating in sugar syrup and a platter of dips, such as sugar and sesame and crushed peanuts. (Photo by Fan Zhen/China Daily)

The restaurant is located off a side alley down Nanluoguxiang, but it is just a short walk off the main shopping street and easily found.

It is a small eatery, with interesting nooks and corners off a traditional courtyard. Our party of five found a sunny spot, pushed two tables together and settled to order.

There is a surprising variety on offer, and all items sounded genuinely Korean. We were told by the friendly waiter they are based on family recipes from the lady owner, a Korean married to a Chinese from Hong Kong. All are home-tested and carefully passed on to the resident chef.

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