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Stop circle Island from shopping Tour in Taiwan (2)

By Zhang Wan (CRI Online)

15:48, January 10, 2013

A glimpse of Taiwan.(Xinhua Photo)

"Many tour groups are scheduled to visit eight shopping sites during their eight days in Taiwan. Sometimes, extra shopping sites that provide agricultural products are also added to the itinerary of these tour groups. That is to say, there are more than eight shopping sites during eight days, so that should cover the cost."

According to media reports, local tourism authorities in Taiwan issued guidelines at the end of 2012 to improve the shopping environment for mainland tourists traveling to the island.

The local sightseeing bureau says it is coordinating with the mainland to discuss the guidelines and has called on Taiwanese authorities to guarantee the rights of mainland tourists. It said stores that mislead or cheat customers will have their names published, and tour guides who do the same will be punished as well.

Taiwan tourism authorities also stress they will continue to promote permanent travel activities, encourage mainland tourists to visit scenic areas and make efforts to promote in-depth tours.

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