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Bijie City: A Beacon of Hope (6)

(People's Daily Online)

15:25, January 04, 2013

Intensified assessment is an effective means to accelerate the advancement of various tasks, as is in the case of the implementation of the “Sunshine Project”. During the progress of the construction of the “Sunshine Project”, Bijie City adopted a variety of forms to strengthen supervision and evaluation by incorporating the project into the annual objective-oriented assessment and management system where the Municipal Bureau of Supervision shall lead and be responsible for carrying out regular supervision and assessment on the progress of the construction of the project made by the Party Committees and governments of various counties and districts. The Municipal Party Committee and municipal government incorporated the construction of the “Sunshine Project” into the comprehensive management and assessment system of year 2012 to promote the healthy and orderly advancement of the “Sunshine Project”.

The innovative practice of Bijie City under the “Sunshine Project” has effectively solved a series of problems in drug rehabilitation works including difficult management, difficult consolidation, and difficult to integrate into the society. The “Sunshine Enterprises” not only solved the employment issues for the drug rehabilitation patients but more importantly enabled them to integrate again into the society by means of labor input, re-establish confidence in life, and allowed them to return to a normal life. These practices provided an effective solution to long-standing problems and created valuable experience for further promoting anti-drug work in the whole society.

Implementation is the most important. Various levels of departments throughout Bijie City attached great importance to the construction and development of the “Sunshine Project” and brought about prosperous prospects for the development of the project across the city. The incorporation of the “Sunshine Project” into the practical works of the people’s livelihood shows that the construction of the Project in Bijie City has really gained effective guarantee. Under such guarantee, Bijie City achieved good results in the sector of drug rehabilitation so that many drug addicts not only effectively recovered but also realized their social value and regained the confidence in life.

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