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Bijie City: A Beacon of Hope (5)

(People's Daily Online)

15:25, January 04, 2013

Through multiple methods of innovation and measures, various departments of the whole Bijie City exerted great effort in supporting the rehabilitation patients to integrate into the society and have achieved good results. Since 2011, Bijie City has invested more than 42 million yuan to set up 8 concentrated placement bases and 9 scattered placement bases through such manners as concentrated placement, scattered placement, public-welfare placement, assistance in starting their own businesses, etc., placing a total of 3,000 rehabilitation patients.

Drug rehabilitation employees are working in the workshop of Guizhou Qiancheng Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., a “Sunshine Enterprise” in Qianxi County, Bijie City

Practical work for the people’s livelihood

“Various departments of the whole city should strengthen organizing and leadership capacity, and regard the construction of the ‘Sunshine Project’ as a long-term and important livelihood project. We must actively help solve the difficulties encountered in the construction of the ‘Sunshine Project’ and exert full effort to promote the smooth development of the Project within the whole city,” said Zhang Jiyong, secretary of the Party Committee of Bijie City when talking about the significance of the “Sunshine Project”.

To this end, the “Sunshine Project” is impressively listed among the 16 practical works for the people’s livelihood in Bijie City in 2012. In order to implement various policies and measures, Bijie City established a leading group for all-around guidance in the construction of the “Sunshine Project” in communities throughout the city.

In April this year, the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee of Bijie City decided to appoint a dedicated deputy director (deputy county-level title) in the Public Security Bureau of Bijie City and dedicated deputy directors (deputy section-level title) in the Public Security Bureaus of various counties and districts for Narcotics Control Office tasks. The city and all counties and districts under its governance have in addition formulated and launched a series of measures including tax preferences for employment under the “Sunshine Project” to guide and encourage enterprises from inside and outside of the province to participate in the construction of the “Sunshine Project”.

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