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Bijie City: A Beacon of Hope (4)

(People's Daily Online)

15:25, January 04, 2013

The winery and the farm were successfully established. Now, businesses of both his winery and the farm are blooming, producing nearly 300 kg wine every month while raising twenty-five or twenty-six pigs every year. Chang becomes a local capable rich man and leads a prosperous life. He now owns a flourishing career and earns an annual income of more than 50,000 yuan through his own hard efforts.

"There is a saying called ‘a prodigal who returns is more precious than gold.’ Without the selfless care from the staff of the rehabilitation center, I would not know whether a prodigal such as me can return or how to return. Thanks to the help and tolerance from everyone, I was given a new life.” Chang’s eyes were filled with tears when he said the above in the symposium of drug addicts of Maochang Town.

Bijie City fully implements the humane, open-end management in the process of construction of the “Sunshine Project” and gained the sincere support from the patients in the community rehabilitation center and their family members. Among the rehabilitation patients placed for employment, some have sons and daughters who spontaneously report to the community that their parents became self-reliant and gained favorable changes in life after working in the “Sunshine Enterprises”. The family members of other rehabilitation patients strongly request that the patient in their family be arranged to work in “Sunshine Project” enterprises. The Project gained the good results to the relief of the rehabilitation patients, the ease of their family member, and the satisfaction of various social circles.

Just as the trees and flowers planted by the rehabilitation patients themselves are now in prosperity, the innovation and development of Bijie City in the “Sunshine Project” attracted great concerns from various circles. July 5, 2012, a community-based rehabilitation patient from another province came to Qinxi County accompanied by his family member and started to work in one of the “Sunshine Project” employment bases – Guizhou Qiancheng Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. as arranged by Qianxi County Narcotics Control Office in conformity to the will of the patient himself and the commitments of his family member. Qianxi County assessed his personal situation, designated specific person to carry out simple business skills training for him and arranged a suitable position. Through the factory life in the past few months, the patient has been adapted to the local production and living environment and the rehabilitation work has made good progress. As for now, this rehabilitation patient shows great confidence for the future life and is walking on a sunny road returning to the society and returning home.

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