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Bijie City: A Beacon of Hope (3)

(People's Daily Online)

15:25, January 04, 2013

This mode is effectively promoted and implemented in the whole city and is generating significant effects. The family members of many rehabilitation patients strongly request that the patient be arranged to work in a “Sunshine Project” enterprise. Meanwhile, Bijie City creatively set up a “Sunshine Project Construction Entrepreneurs Association” under the guidance of Zhou Quanfu, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, secretary of the Politics and Law Committee, deputy director of the Municipal Narcotics Control Commission, and Chief of the Public Security Bureau of Bijie City. This Association is comprised of the kindhearted entrepreneurs in the “Sunshine Project”. The establishment of this Association put an end to the drawbacks of the past scattered and dispersed mode of “Sunshine Enterprises” and blended all “Sunshine Enterprises” of the city together, to jointly discuss and face the difficulties and problems encountered in the construction of the “Sunshine Project”.

New lease of life

A person’s life is often determined by a few key nodes. For Chang Kaiyu, the Party and the government always appear in such nodes. They not only saved his life but also illuminated the road ahead for him.

After thoroughly getting rid of drug addiction, the foremost problem in front of him is to find employment. Through investigation, Chang decided to start his own brewery factory and a cultivation farm, so that the wine can be sold and the wine stillage can be used in the farm. But a series of problems followed: first, it was the problem of fund raising, because he had been a drug addict; second, he was confused in the respect of technologies because of the low educational level. Chang felt disheartened and chilly.

But the warmth of the “Sunshine Project” once again encouraged this young man who has a passionate heart. After learning his idea of starting business, the staff from the community rehabilitation center truthfully reported his situation to the relevant government departments of Maochang Town. With the help of relatives and friends as well as care and support from the government, he successfully applied for bank loans and solved the financial problem. The local government also arranged for the local winemaking experienced teacher to carry out technical guidance for him. Chang also asked others to search for new winemaking technologies on the Internet for him and read relevant books in the “Farmers’ Study Room” of the village committee during spare time, to strengthen his winemaking techniques and enrich professional knowledge.

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