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Bijie City: A Beacon of Hope (2)

(People's Daily Online)

15:25, January 04, 2013

The innovative practice and the Bijie Family-Affection Mode as mentioned by Zhang Jiyong refers to the unique mode in drug rehabilitation assistance known as the “1+1” and “1+3+X” mode. In the “1+1” Mode, for every rehabilitation patient placed in a “Sunshine Enterprise” for employment, one family member will be arranged to accompany the patient going to and from work, so as to enhance communications and solace. The family influence in time and space will isolate the patient from his drug friends, and prevent the chance of relapse to the maximum possible extent. The “1+3+X” mode is mainly for rural areas, where the residents of rehabilitation people are scattered. In this mode, three or more rural bases will be constructed for the establishment of every “Sunshine Enterprise” and every base will place several drug rehabilitation patients for employment.

Zhang is a young man who unfortunately went astray because of making friends with some wrong people and got infected with drug addiction. During his time in the community rehabilitation center, Zhang was arranged by the Narcotics Control Dedicated Cadre of Zhijin County to work in a “Sunshine Enterprise”. In accordance with the “1+1” Family-Affection Mode, Zhijin County arranged for Zhang’s younger brother to accompany Zhang by working together in the “Sunshine Project” enterprise and playing a role of all-around, 24-hour, multi-level supervision on him in order to better help him to thoroughly get rid of drug addiction from the root. The accompany of relatives and the attentive care from the staff of the drug rehabilitation center allowed Zhang to feel the warmth from family and society, and played an important promoting role for the patient to return to normal life as soon as possible. As for now, not only Zhang has thoroughly recovered but the conditions of his entire family are gradually improved because the two brothers have both found employment.

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