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Survey: People expect officials to abandon official jargon (3)

(People's Daily Online)

08:27, December 13, 2012

76.7 percent of the respondents expect the officials to face the problems, and not to evade or dodge them

In the survey, about 84 percent of respondents hoped that the bureaucratic tones can be changed in the next 10 years.

Zhao Xuemei, vice president with Jinan Artistic Creation Research Institute of Shandong province, said the key of solving the problem is to establish an incentive mechanism and form a social atmosphere, which is conducive to the promotion of people telling the truth, while those who are accustomed to telling empty words will be eliminated or punished.

An Internet user said that officials should not complain that the public does not understand them, but rather rethink on how and what they spoke. Only by leaving a practical and pragmatic impression to the people can the officials truly win the goodwill and trust of them.

In the survey, nearly 79 percent of respondents made it clear that they prefer the officials without a bureaucratic tone.

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