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Another high-profile official investigated after watch suspicions (3)


11:18, December 07, 2012

Internet user "Zhang Xiaohuan" said in a Weibo post that he had sent a request to the Gansu Provincial Information Office and the Lanzhou Municipal Finance Bureau, demanding that Yuan's salary in 2011 be made public.

Other Internet users, however, are suspicious about the motives of Zhou, criticizing him for trying to gain fame in the name of fighting corruption without solid proof.

Internet user Carissa said Yuan, a graduate of electronics information, used to work in college and scientific institutions before he became a politician about a decade ago, indicating that he might have had enough wealth for the expenditure on luxury watches.

"I hope the investigation results are revealed soon so the public can know the truth," said "shimenzideyu" on Sina Weibo. "I personally wish that all the watches he wore are fake and worth nothing so that we can still have some hope for officials."

Weibo user "Buyaonichengzhiyaonicheng" added, "It is woeful that China's anti-corruption efforts relies on Internet users."

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