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New CPC leadership rejects extravagance, bureaucracy (4)


08:55, December 05, 2012

It also stressed that the Party "should make determined efforts to improve the style of writing and the conduct of meetings, and reject undesirable practices such as mediocrity, laziness, laxity and extravagance, the practice of just going through formalities, and bureaucratism.

"We should use the Party's fine conduct to enhance Party cohesiveness, win popular support and improve the conduct of the government and the general public," the report said.


Chinese netizens are also getting upbeat about the new requirements, believing them as a positive signal from the newly-elected CPC leadership to take the gloves off in the fight against bureaucracy.

A microblogging entry by the People's Daily on the requirements has been retweeted more than 5,700 times within three hours since its release.

"The required measures are exactly what I expect and appreciate, and my comment on them is only one word: good!" wrote Sina Weibo user "Antique1999090909".

"These requirements indicate that the CPC has made a choice between empty talks and down-to-earth works," wrote weibo user "aepmmi".

However, web users also expressed their hope that the new requirements be carried out.

The new requirements are good, and they can be better if fully implemented, said a netizen named "Chengdu lawyer Lei Fugen".

Ren Zhiqiang, a well-known outspoken real estate boss, commented at weibo that he believes more similar measures will follow, and the new leadership will not disappoint the people.

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