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Rule of law crucial to China's stability, prosperity (3)


08:35, December 05, 2012

The Constitution, which was adopted at the fifth session of the Fifth National People's Congress in 1982, is more rights-oriented than previous versions.

In the 138-article Constitution, 18 articles refer to the fundamental rights of citizens.

Since it was adopted, the current Constitution has provided an extensive legal framework for economic policies that have been institutionalized over the past 30 years.

It has also helped China stick to the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

The role of the Constitution, which has developed nearly in parallel with China's reform and opening up drive, is critical in helping China to preserve its basic policies.

To accommodate the broad changes that have taken place in China's social and economic spheres, the Constitution was amended four times in 1988, 1993, 1999 and 2004, respectively.

Notable amendments include those that emphasize the rule of law, the protection of human rights and the protection of citizens' private property.

The rule of law can ensure that China's development is less vulnerable to uncertainties and upheavals such as the Cultural Revolution.

The rule of law, which requires administrators to obey the law and handle state affairs through legal means, will be conducive to maintaining China's stability and prosperity as the country works to implement it as a basic strategy and strives to build a law-based government.

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