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Rule of law crucial to China's stability, prosperity (2)


08:35, December 05, 2012

Safeguarding the dignity of the Constitution and ensuring its implementation serves as a premise to promote the rule of law.

Aware of the significance of reining in malpractice that undermines the dignity of the Constitution and laws, the Communist Party of China has vowed to speed up the construction of a country that operates under the rule of law.

"As the Constitution and laws are adopted by the Party and the people under its leadership, the Party must act within the scope prescribed by the Constitution and laws," stated a report submitted to the 18th CPC National Congress by the 17th CPC Central Committee.

"No organization or individual has the privilege of overstepping the Constitution and laws, and no one in a position of power is allowed in any way to take one's own word as the law, place one's own authority above the law or abuse the law," the report stated.

The rule of law, if implemented properly, will be instrumental in helping the country cope with prominent risks, such as corruption, said Xu Xianming, a legal expert on the rule of law and president of Shandong University.

Under the rule of law, government officials will be deprived of their privileges, which are a root cause of corruption, according to Xu.

To uphold the dignity of the Constitution and promote the rule of law, Party and government officials should lead by example in abiding by the Constitution.

While there's still room for improvement in the implementation of the Constitution, the past three decades have demonstrated the pivotal role it has played in ensuring China's stability and guaranteeing social development.

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