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Illegal work blamed in mine disaster (3)

By Zhou Huiying and Zhao Lei  (China Daily)

10:27, December 04, 2012

The lowest temperature in the early morning of Tuesday in Qitaihe will be -11 C, according to China Meteorological Administration.

Local authorities have mobilized more than 300 experienced miners to join the rescue operation, according to Li.

The rescuers are divided into five teams and work day and night, according to Qu Yuguo, a veteran miner participating in the rescue operation.

Twenty-two miners were working underground when the accident occurred. Six managed to escape.

Rescuers later found two workers, who were close to the ground. They were sent to Qitaihe City People's Hospital where they are in stable condition, according to their doctor Wang Qingbin.

The police have placed the mine's owner, Xiao Lidong, in custody, and frozen the mine's assets.

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