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SCO deepens comprehensive, pragmatic cooperation (2)


08:22, December 03, 2012


Since its establishment, the SCO member states have made remarkable achievements in security cooperation, which is valued as one of the wheels of the organization.

The SCO inked a series of declarations and agreements on security cooperation, thus broadening cooperation in a wide range of areas such as strategic security, defense security, law-enforcement, information security, drug-fighting, anti-money laundry and combat against trans-boundary organized crime.


Over the past 11 years, economic cooperation among SCO members states has been promoted steadily, as evidenced by a slew of pragmatic cooperation projects in such areas as finance, transportation, energy, agriculture, customs, as well as high and new technology.

The scale of trade among SCO member states has been expanding rapidly with an optimized trade structure. As mutual investment within the organization has increased by a large margin, the economic links among the SCO members are becoming ever-closer.

Over the past 11 years, China has offered as much assistance as it can to help other SCO member states.

At the Beijing summit held in June, China offered a loan of 10 billion U.S. dollars to support economic cooperation within the SCO, and pledged to help train 1,500 experts from other members over the next three years.

It will also provide 30,000 government scholarships and invite 10,000 Confucius Institute teachers and students to come to China for research and study over the next decade.

Besides cooperation in politics, economy and security, cultural cooperation is another priority for SCO member states.

A series of cooperation documents have been signed as cooperation among the SCO members has been largely enhanced in culture, education, health, technology, sports and tourism.

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