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Dispute over cosplay association growing (4)

(Global Times)

08:52, November 13, 2012

After that, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) was reported to have issued a warning last year to a local TV station for "over-hyping" the cross-dresser, which was said to have resulted in Liu losing the contest.

But SARFT's objections seem to have done little to push back the phenomenon. An online "weiniang forum" has been launched on, China's leading search engine, with 22,948 registered members as of press time.

The forum features a detailed guide, including the definition of weiniang and how to become one.

Media coverage of the group led to a great deal of controversy among the public, with some experts concerned that this exposure might mislead youngsters and distort their perception of gender.

"Adolescence is a time for people to establish the right perception of gender and it is also a time for them to express uniqueness. When they grow up, they might imitate these gender-ambiguous pop stars or troupes instead of following traditional male roles to express their personality," said Sun Yunxiao, deputy director of the China Youth and Children Research Center.

According to the book Rescue Boys, jointly written by Sun Yunxiao, Li Wendao and Zhao Xia, many boys are displaying effeminate behavior and becoming much more emotionally vulnerable and less competitive than girls.

"The frequent absence of a father figure and excessive protection from the mother is making Chinese boys more feminine," Sun said.

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