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Dispute over cosplay association growing (3)

(Global Times)

08:52, November 13, 2012

However, despite their obvious popularity, the members complain that they haven't been accepted by some mainstream commercial events.

"People still have prejudices. And we're not welcomed by most of the commercial shows apart from some animation festivals," said member Quan Xiaoyao, who joined the association last year.

Drawing the line

The association categorizes itself as weiniang, a general term that describes cross-dressers. However, they are eager to distinguish themselves from transvestites, even writing in one recruitment advertisement that "transvestites are not welcome."

"We're normal boys, and we don't want to ruin our reputation by recruiting transvestites," Hao said, adding that they seldom wear women's clothes outside of their performances.

The public came to know the term weiniang after Liu Zhu, a sophomore student from the Sichuan Conservatory of Music, shot to fame when he took part in the wildly popular 2010 Super Boy series on Hunan Satellite TV dressed as a woman.

He said on the show that he had been dressing like a girl since he was in high school, and loved it.

His meteoric rise to fame caused great controversy, and some criticized him for "leading many teenagers astray."

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