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Online dating, a rising trend in China (4)

(People's Daily Online)

09:39, November 02, 2012

A photo of an online date website. (File Photo)

Online dating becomes a "trend"

"Fortunately, the Internet has solved the problem of asymmetric information," said Gong Haiyan. Compared with the traditional offline matchmaking, the Internet has unparalleled advantages and has given birth to the dating websites market. "The Jiayuan site, for example, currently has 68 million members. It can be seen from this figure that people who choose the manner of online blind date are not few."

Gong Haiyan said, currently Chinese dating websites are developing very rapidly after experiencing about 15 years of history from its birth in mid-1990s. The biggest charm of network blind dating is that you are faced with a massive "blind date candidate pool." However, "the shortcoming may be that the network is illusory and people have to spend considerable effort to judge the genuineness of the counterpart."

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