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Online dating, a rising trend in China (3)

(People's Daily Online)

09:39, November 02, 2012

In order to find their better half, anxious single men and women have turned to friends and relatives, matchmaking agencies, and even mobile phone chat applications such as Weixin and Momo for help. The methods may vary, but they all have the same purpose. “People in this restless era want to find eternal true love in the quickest way, which sounds absurd but is literally happening,” said an Internet user under the screen name “dark-red enameled pottery.”

“Due to urbanization, many young Chinese people have moved from the countryside or small towns and cities to work in big cities, and the traditional way of finding one’s spouse through relatives’ matchmaking is disappearing,” Gong Haiyan, a senior love and marriage expert, explained the reason for the rise in the number of single people who are above the average age for marriage. Life in the big city tends to be stressful, and many people have devoted more efforts to their careers, leaving little time for romance. In addition, city dwellers tend to have only a small life circle, and many of them have remained single for a long time because they would rather be single than live the rest of their life with someone they do not love, Gong added.

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