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Online dating, a rising trend in China (2)

(People's Daily Online)

09:39, November 02, 2012

"My mom has moved to live with me, and kept urging me to get married," said Li Li, 31, the eldest son in his family. Why is he still single despite his relatively handsome face and well-paying job?

"Just like a song said, I stand by the one that loves me, wondering where the one I love is," Li said. It is not like he cannot find a girl who loves him. Sometimes, Li thinks about marring someone who is acceptable, but deep down he wants a wife who is more than acceptable. "I want to find a girl who has big eyes, beautiful smile, good temper, few relationships, much in common with me, and is not a Virgo," Li said about his standards for choosing a spouse. However, just as Li himself said, "It is easy to set standards, but hard to find the right one. Moreover, my job is too busy, and I just do not have time for that."

Who can save "me" out of loneliness?

The percentage of single people who are above the average age for marriage in the Chinese population is unclear, but certain media outlets cited data from the Ministry of Civil Affairs as saying that there were about 180 million single men and women in China in 2011.

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