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Band of brothers sets tone (4)

By Li Xiaokun and Zhao Shengnan  (China Daily)

08:42, October 30, 2012

Stable ties and deepening exchanges are what Beijing wants to see and will help stabilize the situation in the Asia-Pacific region, Su added.

For Palmatier, the band leader of Pershing's Own, which has led every presidential inauguration parade since 1925, the most exciting part is "to perform music for the Chinese people".

"We believe that these concerts can show how well soldiers of our two armies can cooperate and work together," he said.

"I think that is an accurate statement that music is a good thing no matter what," the colonel said, adding they have carefully selected music "about America and of America" from various eras.

"We want to tell the Chinese audience a bit about us," he said.

Zhou Wa contributed to this story.

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