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China's top legislature ends bimonthly session, adopts mental health law (3)


13:31, October 27, 2012

As of Friday, the total number of NPC deputies stood at 2,972.

During the four-day session, the top legislature also reviewed two reports on the reform of the country's cultural system and government social assistance.

According to Wu, lawmakers called for continued reforms for the culture system. They urged the sector to create innovative content, build a public cultural service system and turn the sector into a pillar industry for the national economy.

Lawmakers also urged relevant departments to improve the government social assistance system and enhance social aid so as to safeguard the fundamental rights of poor people and ensure that all the country's people share the benefits of China's economic and social development.

The meeting also ratified two international documents, including the China-Tajikistan-Afghanistan agreement on the definition of the tri-junction point for national boundaries and the China-Thailand treaty on the transfer of sentenced persons.

At the closing session, the top legislature announced the removal of Zhang Jun from his post as vice president of the Supreme People's Court.Lawmakers also voted to appoint Su Jun as deputy director of the NPC Standing Committee's Budgetary Affairs Commission.

On Friday morning, the members of the NPC Standing Committee attended a lecture on environmental legislation and protection presided over by Wu.

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