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China's top legislature ends bimonthly session, adopts mental health law (2)


13:31, October 27, 2012

Wu urged relevant authorities to be well prepared to ensure the accurate and effective enforcement of the Criminal Procedure Law.

The top legislature also passed an amendment to the Postal Law.

The amendment stipulates that postal administrations under provincial level are responsible for the supervision and administration of postal services and markets within their jurisdictions, giving legal authorization for municipal administration.

Referring to a report on the reform of state-owned enterprises (SOEs), Wu stressed that the task of reforming the SOEs is still "onerous."

Wu said lawmakers at the session urged deepened reforms for state-dominated sectors while unswervingly sticking to a basic economic system at the primary stage of socialism.

The government should encourage SOEs to restructure their business, direct state assets toward more important industries, transform their business methods and boost themselves to the high end of the production and profit chain, Wu said.

Wu also called for tightened supervision and an improved budget system for state-owned assets.

In addition, the session approved the termination of Bo Xilai's post as NPC deputy. Bo was formerly secretary of the CPC Chongqing Municipal Committee and also a Political Bureau member.

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