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Civil service test applications surge (4)

By CHEN XIN (China Daily)

08:15, October 25, 2012

"The civil servant exam provides a comparatively open, transparent and stable means of recruitment and people can easily give themselves a decent future after taking a government job," Liu said. "Many uncertainties exist for someone who works at a business, and businesses and the economy always change."

He said many people who hold a master's degree or a higher diploma and were enrolled in the civil service system often later find that they are not suited to the posts they eventually take.

"If the number of applicants for civil service jobs continues to increase year after year, we should seriously ask if there is a problem in our use of labor," Liu said. "Then we should take measures to better guide our use of labor resources."

The national civil servant exam, which tests applicants' writing and other abilities, will be held on Nov 25 in large cities across the country.

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