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Civil service test applications surge (3)

By CHEN XIN (China Daily)

08:15, October 25, 2012

The civil service jobs that are most in demand vary from department to department.

The most-sought-after position now is a research post at the National Bureau of Statistics' Chongqing branch, which had been the target of 9,411 applications by 6 pm on Wednesday.

Explaining why the position is so popular, Li said its holder is required to have no educational attainments beyond a bachelor's degree.

In contrast, there are 146 positions for which qualified applications have yet to be submitted.

Li said the most unpopular posts are always found in departments such as meteorology and in remote places.

This year, many departments are offering jobs only to candidates who can meet certain tough requirements.

The Office of State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters, for example, offered a position that requires the holder to make frequent visits to emergency rescue and disaster relief sites. It is described as being "bitter and better suited to a man".

Trying to explain why jobs in civil service have been so popular in recent years, Liu Xutao, a professor with the Chinese Academy of Governance in Beijing, said they are stable and carry a large number of benefits, such as giving the people who holds them the right to acquire hukou, or a permanent residence permit.

Not having a hukou prevents someone from having access various public services. People who live in Beijing but do not possess a hukou are not allowed to buy apartments or register cars unless they have paid personal income taxes or paid into social security accounts in the city for five consecutive years.

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