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China still remains 'bright spot' for US companies (2)

(China Daily)

15:07, October 24, 2012

Foster said: "We don't see a large group of US companies in China either returning to the US, or moving to other Asia-Pacific countries. They are fully focused on the Chinese market, and if so they are usually expanding or diversifying their operations, but they are not moving out of China."

She said more than 60 percent of US companies are in China for the Chinese market 69 percent placed China in their top three investment destinations, while more than 76 percent wanted to increase their investment in China in 2012. "Our companies are still optimistic about investment in China," she said.

With China's once-in-a decade transition of power imminent, Foster said that no matter who the country's new leaders were, she expected many policies covering investment and economic development to continue.

"What is very important is that they have also worked in provincial areas and have a lot of exposure to foreign business," she said. They would be "quite familiar" with international trade and economic development and the challenges and opportunities for foreign companies, she added.

The leadership transition, or the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, is scheduled to take place on Nov 8. Amcham Shanghai said: "China will remain a key market for US companies. Continuing a trend of 'in China for China', US companies are strengthening their connections outside China to boost their Chinese operations, and 62 percent of the companies imported parts or finished goods from the US into China in 2011."

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