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Vested interests must not prevent gaokao reform (2)

(Global Times)

13:14, October 24, 2012

The imbalances in how resources are allocated drive people toward big cities where educations are of higher quality and there are better job opportunities.

This migrant population has contributed to the city's construction and development. But due to the hukou barrier, they are excluded from equal opportunities in terms of welfare, education and employment. To protect their interests, the realization of education equality has been forged as a social consensus in recent years, and opening exam opportunities to non-locals in the city where they live has been a necessary measure.

These entangled conflicts of interest when it comes to promoting gaokao reform reflect China's struggles with social reform, which is also an issue bogged down by conflicts of interest. If protecting the interests of advantaged groups is accepted as an excuse to reject reform, then social progress will be impossible.

China's reforms in various fields have been advanced after reconciling varied interests. Some are complaining that the reform process is too slow. This is not because the authorities lack the resolve to reform, but there are so many competing interests.

Allowing students to sit school entrance exams in the city where they live should be promoted without hesitation despite opposition from certain groups.

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