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Stage show depicts role models (3)


12:56, October 19, 2012

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A bunch of stage dramas depicting the deeds of several role models from all walks of life are being shown on stage.

Based on the real deeds of Zhang Lili, a middle school teacher who was run over by a school bus as she pushed two students out of the way, the musical "Fragrance of a Jasmine Flower" debuted on Wednesday night in Ha’erbin, Heilongjiang Province.

Zhang, who lost two legs because of her brave deed, has been hailed by netizens as "the most beautiful teacher in China". He Panpan, who portrays Zhang in the musical says she is honored to play the role.

He Panpan, actress of "Fragrance of jasmine flower", said,"My portrayal of the role starts from the portrayal of her inner world. I think the moment she saved those students, her heart was full of emotion."

The musical took four months to create. The director says rather than overly-depending on emotional songs, the musical is depicting great deeds of ordinary people.

Luan Lan, director of "Fragrance of jasmine flower", said,"Using some life details, we patch up an ordinary post 80s teacher, who are doing something great."

The show’s debut was accompanied by applause from the audience.

Audience member said,"I was deeply moved. Her spirit should be carried forward. All teachers should learn from Zhang Lili."

Another stage show featuring deeds of a national role model is "Beginning of Spring", which has debuted in Beijing. The play is based on the real story of Yu Xiaolan, the daughter of a cadre from picturesque Yunnan Province, who came to Shanxi for love and found herself waging a green war.

Over a period of 16 years she and her husband led villagers in Youyu county, to plant tens of thousands of tress on the barren hillsides.

The acting crew went to Youyu county, following Yu Xiaolan, a delegate of the forthcoming 18th National Congress of the CPC and the prototype of the play, to plant trees and talk with her, to find out what made her stay and do such great deeds.

A huge revolving stage recreates various scenes from the Shanxi countryside and also easily tells the story of changing barren hillside into a green landscape. Folk songs and operas from Shanxi are used to present a play with a strong Shanxi flavor.

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