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China’s claim to Diaoyu Islands has nothing to do with natural resources (2)

(People's Daily Online)

08:06, October 19, 2012

China will not punish the Japanese people for the war crimes committed by their forefathers, on condition that they face up to that period of history and draw lessons from it.

Certain Japanese people who experienced the Second World War have reflected deeply on that period of history, and sincerely pushed Japan into a path of peaceful development.

However, some Japanese cannot get over Japan’s defeat several decades ago, and have actively pursued narrow national self-interest and disrupted the post-WWII international order. This is the underlying reason for Japan’s provoking of the Diaoyu Islands dispute.

The Japanese economy used to prosper when the country concentrated on peace and development, and acted friendly toward its Asian neighbors. Usurpation and aggression will do no good to Japan.

Read the Chinese version: 主权要求与资源无关
; Source: People’s Daily; Author: Jin Caiwei

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