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Li and his female role in Musical Four beauties (4)

People's Daily Online)  14:00, October 18, 2012

Li Yugang dressed as Lady Zhaojun in the musical. ( Luo  Yunfei)

Li Yugang, a Chinese singer and actor who became well known since he performed in the program Avenue of Stars of CCTV. He is famous for his female role in opera based on Chinese ancient story such as Drunkened Concubine and the Flowers' Funeral by Daiyu, etc.

Li brings his musical Four Beauties to Hainan in south China on Oct.16. The musical contains four acts, each focusing on one of the four ancient beauties, namely Diaochan, Xishi, Wang Zhaojun and Yang yuhuan. Li not only presents the breath-taking beauty of the four, but also reproduces their smiles and their tears in the musical.

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