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Mo Yan Literature Museum housed in middle school (3)

By Xu Ming (Global Times)

11:05, October 18, 2012

Exhibited history

The museum showcases the honors and prizes Mo has collected over the years, and describes how Mo stepped into the literary field, even though he dropped out before finishing his primary school education.

The exhibition goes through, with pictures and materials, Mo's confusing youth, his thirst for books, his early attempts at writing, and the years he spent in the army and then as a journalist before becoming a professional writer.

Mao said that he started to collect the exhibited materials in the 1990s, from Mo and his relatives.

The museum has seen over 10,000 visitors from both at home and abroad.

"Now we are considering updating and improving the museum to meet demand," he told Global Times.

"We are also designing the third and fourth floor to put them in use as planned, to provide more information about Mo. We have already got necessary materials ready."

It is difficult to find Mo Yan's books in bookstores. It's even more difficult to find Mo, particularly for journalists.

Du Qinlan, Mo's wife, would not tell the Global Times of her husband's whereabouts.

But she added that the family continues on as normal, without being derailed by the prize. "We eat and get dressed like before," she said. "Only the media are stirred up."

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