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Mo Yan Literature Museum housed in middle school (2)

By Xu Ming (Global Times)

11:05, October 18, 2012

Literature museum

The Mo Yan Literature Museum has been a focus of the onslaught of attention from both inside and outside the city.

"The number of visitors is dozens of times greater that usual," notes Mao Weijie, the curator of the museum.

A friend of Mo for over 20 years, Mao told the Global Times that on the night of the announcement of Nobel Prize in literature, dozens of reporters gathered in the museum to wait for the news.

That night he called Mo and asked, "Have you won the prize?" "Yes," Mo said. "Are you sure?" Mao asked. "Yes," Mo replied.

"The museum immediately burst into jubilation," Mao recalls. "Some citizens took the initiative to setoff fireworks in celebration." But he adds, "Mo was calm before and after winning the prize."

According to Mao, while Mo is famous among most Gaomi citizens, now they want to know more about him by visiting the museum, so they can understand how the area produced such a great writer.

The museum is non-profit and supported by both the city government and private donors from intellectual circles.

The four-story building, opened to the public in 2009, is located inside the First Middle School of Gaomi in the downtown area. Only the first two stories are in use.

On the first floor of the museum are over 5,000 books Mo donated. On the second floor is an exhibition hall to introduce in detail Mo's literature over the past 30 years, his honors and achievements, and his growth from a rural boy to an international figure.

"We asked Mo for his input when establishing the association [that runs the museum], and he wrote us a letter, which said that he is just an ordinary man of words writing stories that happened in Gaomi," Mao said. "He said it is not a big deal, and he would treat the research about him as a reminder for him to write more and better works."

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