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Urban dysfunction: child abuse increases in cities (2)


09:28, October 17, 2012

Outdated modes of raising children are not the problem, she added. Instead, unhappy marriages, the pressures of daily life and family dysfunction are the major causes of the violence.

According to the center's report, 52.68 percent of the cases occurred in families that had migrated from one place to another or had gone through a marriage crisis.

However, only 1.4 percent of the abused children reported it to the police, according to Wei Yanli, a researcher at the center. Most people living in the neighborhoods also chose to keep silent, even though they knew the children were being badly abused, she added.

Experts warn that family violence is liable to result in criminal behavior and increase the probability of juvenile delinquency.

Yet despite the fact that violence against children has become a social concern, there still isn't sufficient legal support for those who suffer from it, according to China Youth Daily.

The General Principles of Civil Law and the Law on the Protection of Minors stipulate that courts can revoke custody from any parent or guardian for child abuse or neglect, but such action is seldom carried out.

In most cases, even if domestic violence against children has been reported, the police can do little about it. Because of a lack of facilities to shelter such children, authorities can only send them back home, where they will likely be subjected to further abuse.

Zhang suggests that the government should accelerate the process of lawmaking so that children dealing with frequent abuse will be better protected in China. Meanwhile, the government must build more facilities to shelter children when they need urgent help.

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