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Face up to temporary tension between China, Japan (2)

(People's Daily Online)

08:02, October 16, 2012

Second, China progresses and Japan regresses politically. With the growing openness in politics and public participation, policies concerning diplomacy and China-Japan relations are increasingly restricted by public opinions. Meanwhile, the Japanese society is becoming more negative and conservative. Although the conservative tendency is reflected to extremes by a few people, the ethos it represents wins recognition and acquiescence in all circles of Japan and the Japanese media have shifted to rightism. Therefore, the request of “negative and conservative power” deeply rooted in Japan conflicts with China’s practice of “positive and open power”, which goes beyond the official, political and diplomatic scopes and severely damages people-to-people relations.

Japan attempts to deny the historical results of World War II and resumes militarization. China is its most dangerous and direct enemy in this process. Therefore, Japan defames China, creates the atmosphere of public opinion that China poses a threat against the U.S. and even presses U.S. to choose between rise of China and militarization of Japan. There are three intertwined aspects, that is, conflicts between China and Japan in efforts to become global powers, competition between China and the U.S. against the background of globalization, and the integration of the relations among China, Japan and the U.S. with global and regional development and peace. The tension between China and Japan will not last too long. We can neither be blinded by the temporary tension to ignore the overall situation, nor be too optimistic to relax our vigilance.

The wisdom of the older generation leaders can be summarized into the following four aspects: the idea of people-to-people diplomacy, the vision of general strategy, the wisdom of putting aside the differences, and the mind of embracing the future. Furthermore, the recent aggressive moves of Japan require us to have courage to face conflicts between two countries. The historical initiative, geographical inclusiveness, comprehensive national strength and courage to face conflicts qualify China to play a leading role in East Asia and the China-Japan relations. China has no alternative but to bear this responsibility.

Read the Chinese version: 要有直面中日“阵痛”的勇气, source: Global Times, author: Geng Xin

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