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China eyes traditional cultural education (2)


11:25, October 13, 2012

They also take tea culture, ancient poetry, calligraphy and traditional Chinese opera into account.

Zhang said they have received positive feedback regarding the class, adding that some teachers believe traditional cultural education can enhance the students' national and cultural identity.

According to Zhang, traditional culture has regained its popularity in recent years, which reflects worries that traditional Chinese culture may end up without successors to carry on.

Zhao Jiping, a deputy to the National People's Congress, has urged the improvement of traditional Chinese culture awareness among the country's youth, who largely prefer cultural exports from other countries, such as Korean pop music, Japanese manga and Hollywood movies.

"Measures should be taken to promote textbooks and teachings that embody Chinese national spirit, philosophy, ethics, faith, a sense of justice and behavior," Zhao said in a previous interview.

However, there have been opposing opinions, with some saying that traditional culture has become outdated. A sermon that tells young people to be absolutely obedient to their patients and teachers has been raised as an example.

Moreover, Zhang said difficulties exist in the promotion of traditional cultural education.

"A shortage of teachers who know the topic well is a major bottleneck," he said. "It is even difficult for us to find competent scholars to provide professional training for the teachers."

"Cultural education, which aims at long-term enlightenment for students and has no examination requirements, may fail to carry weight in China's exam-oriented education system," he said.


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