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Giant panda Taotao back to the wild with 'skills' (2)


15:04, October 11, 2012

Taotao, the first giant panda born in captivity in a wild training center in Wolong,
Sichuan, has successfully completed three training phases. The staff are trapping
panda Taotao to release it into the wild on October 11. (Photo source: Zhong Xin
photographed, China News Service)

The third stage of training was similar to the previous one. But the area Taotao lived in was much larger - around 240 thousand square meters. Here, he gained a very important ability - navigation.

The panda also learnt to escape from black bears and leopards by distinguishing their growl, or sniffing out their droppings.

Huang Yan, deputy director of China Giant Panda Conservation & Research Center, said, "When he senses the smell, he turns away immediately, and climbs up the tree. He can recognize the potential risks."

After 26 months, Taotao has reached the final stage of his journey. And ahead of him, is the beginning of a new life in the wild.

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