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SHANG XIA Opens Boutique in Beijing with an Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Craftsmanship (11)

People's Daily Online)  14:09, October 09, 2012

Dragon Cloud - Monochrome Porcelain Tea Set - Blue

Beijing, Oct. 9 (People's Daily Online) SHANG XIA, founded in 2008 to showcase Chinese contemporary craftsmanship, opened its second boutique worldwide in Beijing in the China World Mall on October 8, 2012.

The boutique’s inaugural collection will focus on the home and include furniture, homeware objects, accessories, garments and an extended tea experience.

The name SHANG XIA embodies the exchange between up and down, east and west, past and future, tradition and innovation, urban and nature. SHANG XIA promotes a point of view, a way of life, a Chinese modern aesthetic. Heritage, culture, creation, dialogue and innovation merge to forge the core of SHANG XIA’s philosophy.

In 2012-2013, SHANG XIA will be exploring the theme of In•Out. The two complementary elements of In•Out will engage, balance and evolve in areas of technique, material and color. To coincide with the opening of its Beijing Boutique, SHANG XIA presents three weeks Chinese Contemporary Craftsmanship Exhibition, showcasing new creations and new craft techniques for furniture, tea tables, clothing and jewellery.

Former French Prime Minister and SHANG XIA ambassador Mr. Jean-Pierre Raffarin commented “I love Chinese culture and am inspired by SHANG XIA’s commitment to creating contemporary and usable objects whilst maintaining the beauty and techniques of traditional Chinese artisans”.

Also in attendance were Mr. Patrick Thomas, CEO of Hermes Group and renowned photographic artist, Mr. Paolo Roversi.

“SHANG XIA integrates the warmth, balance and harmony of Chinese hospitality and grace. This is an exciting day for SHANG XIA and for Chinese craftsmanship. Opening in Beijing is an important step in our development through which we hope to allow more friends to enjoy the beauty of Chinese traditional crafts and culture” commented Ms. Jiang Qiong Er, CEO and Artistic Director of SHANG XIA.


SHANG XIA is a contemporary brand founded in 2008 to bring the excellence of Chinese and other Asian craftsmanship into contemporary lifestyle through the encounter of heritage and innovation.

Together with the Hermes Group, Chinese designer Ms. Jiang Qiong Er has set up the SHANG XIA company in Shanghai to create a 21st century brand from the best of traditional Chinese and other Asian craftsmanship and design. Focusing on the home, the collections include furniture, decorative objects, accessories, garments and an extended experience of tea. New categories will complete this range later.

SHANG XIA, the words themselves, “up” and “down”, reflect the flow of energy from the past through to the future transmitting the essence of a culture and its aesthetics. Building on the inheritance of culture and with the spirit of respect for the environment it is in this continuum that SHANG XIA strives to integrate the finest quality materials and consistent craftsmanship in the range of its product offerings. With flair and minute attention to detail and quality, SHANG XIA integrates the warmth, balance and harmony of Chinese hospitality and grace.

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