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Cover story: 13 children's school (7)

People's Daily Online)  09:18, October 03, 2012

High school students learn mathematics. (Xinhua/Hai Ning)

Edited and Translated by Yao Chun, People's Daily Online

In recent years, more and more residents in Spain have gradually concentrated to large cities, while many small cities had become "ghost towns". The population of a central Spain town Salmeron has reduced from more than 1,700 in the 1970s to about 200 at present, leading to a lack of source of students in local public primary school.

According to Spanish law, the minimum number of students in public primary shall not be less than 12, so the public primary school of Salmeron faces closure. In order to allow the children to attend school, the local government provided preferential terms such as free rent and employment to several residents of nearby cities to attract them to move to Salmeron. At present, the students of public elementary school of Salmeron reached 13, and the school had opened normally in mid-September.

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