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Aircraft carrier to boost China's rise (2)

(People's Daily Online)

08:07, September 29, 2012

It is necessary and legitimate for China to develop aircraft carriers. China's economic development requires safe and barrier-free sea passages. China must strengthen the defense capability to deal with the challenges of hegemony and power politics. Besides, China still faces the arduous task of national reunification. With the national development, China shoulders more international responsibilities, which requires more effective non-war military operation capabilities to help the international community in humanitarian relief, anti-terrorism and anti-piracy operations.

China sticks to the defensive nature in the development of aircraft carriers. The aircraft carrier is an important tool to serve the interest of national security, military and diplomacy. China develops aircraft carriers not for arms races and it will not seek hegemony and harm the legitimate interests of other countries. Peace and development are the basic national policies and strategic choices of China.

The first aircraft carrier in service is an important step of China's rise, which will inevitably lead to emergence of the "China threat theory". We do not need to take it seriously since China pursues the philosophy that harmony is most precious and the strategy that if attacked China will certainly fight back. We should create a favorable international environment for China's long-term development by adhering to the defensive military strategy and the road of peaceful development, as well as firmly defending its legitimate interests.

Only by having the combat capability can a nation stop a war. Taking the first aircraft carrier as a new starting point, China will continue to promote national development, promote the world peace and development and accelerate the national rejuvenation with strength and wisdom.

Read the Chinese version: 航母助推中国崛起, source: Jinghua Times, author: Jia Xiudong

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