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China exclusive: Zhejiang county official candidates in asset disclosure (2)


09:05, September 27, 2012

The organization committee of Jinhua City, which administrates Pan'an, said it is working to introduce Pan'an's practice into the official appointment system in the city in a bid to check corruption and build a "transparent" government.

Officials bearing luxuries as personal assets have become a new form of corruption in China.

Yang Dacai, a senior work safety official in Shaanxi Province, is the latest of such suspect exposed by Chinese netizens, who posted photos on the Internet showing Yang wearing at least 11 pricy wristwatches on different occasions.

Yang was sacked last Friday, and is now under disciplinary investigation.

Earlier this month, the Shaanxi Bureau of Finance turned down an application by university student Liu Yanfeng for Yang's personal assets to be disclosed.

Liu said on Wednesday that he intends to sue the bureau and the provincial safety administration where Yang worked for violating the country's regulations on government information disclosure.

"The finance bureau's reply refusing my application on Yang's income is illegitimate. I require them to disclose Yang's salary and pay the legal bill for my suit," he said.

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