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Japan's ex-PM Abe makes comeback as LDP head (4)


16:03, September 26, 2012

Japan's former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe casts his vote in the presidential election of the main opposition Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) at the party headquarters in Tokyo, Sept. 26, 2012. Japan's former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, 58, beat his rival ex-Defense Minister Shigeru Ishiba, 55, to win the presidential election of the main opposition Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) at the party headquarters here Wednesday in a run-off following the initial round, in which all five candidates were not able to secure a majority of votes. (Xinhua/Kenichiro Seki)

The triumph makes 58-year-old Abe, who headed the LDP between 2006 and 2007, the front-runner for the post of Japan's next prime minister, given that recent opinion poll suggested the LDP could form the largest political force in the House of Representatives when the ruling Democratic Party of Japan is ousted from power in the next general election.

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