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Jingdong Grand Canyon: Grand in Its Own Way (3)

By Williang Wang (CRI Online)

13:39, September 26, 2012

Parts of the trail at Jingdong Grand Canyon are tricky to navigate. ( Wang)

The route along the canyon is consistently picturesque, sometimes with a creek bubbling its way through a bed of rocks, sometimes with water settling into a large pool, and sometimes with a waterfall squirting out a little energy. The further one goes into the canyon, the higher the rock walls tower above and the ocean of sky narrows into a stream. Wild grasses, bushes and flowers sprout from fragmented layers of rust-coloured rock, all in brazen defiance of gravity.

In addition, the magnificence of nature is interspersed with genuine manmade entertainment. If you tire of staring at the waterfalls, then why not hop into a floating inflatable wheel where you can tumble and roll in your own padded cell? Has all the climbing made you pine for your Toyota? Then maybe you'll be refreshed by a few minutes in a bumper car. Disappointed you can't ride a horse up the canyon? Why not take a ride on the mechanical bull?

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