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Aircraft carrier protects peace (3)

By Yang Yi  (China Daily)

13:21, September 25, 2012

At present, China's national security faces complex, diverse challenges, and to safeguard its national security and maintain a favorable external environment is the premise for China to achieve its strategic goal of building an all-round well-off society.

In dealing with the territorial and maritime rights disputes with some neighboring countries, China has remained committed to solving the problems through diplomatic channels and negotiations, and opposes the use of force or threat of force. China's sincerity is well known and should not be doubted.

But China is tough-minded and will resolutely safeguard its sovereignty and national dignity. We stand for peace, but we are not afraid of any threats or intimidation. China should continue to modernize its military forces step by step, including the building of aircraft carriers. When China has a more balanced and powerful navy, the regional situation will be more stable as various forces that threaten regional peace will no longer dare to act rashly. China's military forces, especially its powerful naval forces, can provide the international community more "public security products" that are enough to stop the impulse of any country to attempt military adventures. Maintaining regional stability and world peace needs not only the development of China's military might, but also increased cooperation with other countries. China will continue to cooperate with all peace-loving countries and forces to work together for regional stability and world peace.

The author is a rear admiral and former director of the Institute for Strategic Studies at the People's Liberation Army National Defense University.

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