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Global mobile brands find lines busy in China (4)

(China Daily)

13:29, September 24, 2012

ZTE Corp, the world's fifth biggest telecom equipment maker, has made huge strides in the mobile phone sector in recent years as the company looks beyond the traditional telecom industry for new revenue drivers.

The company has developed into the world's fourth mobile phone vendor and aims to ship more than 30 million smartphones this year, doubling the figure of last year.

Huawei Technologies Co, expressed its ambition earlier this year to ship more than 100 million mobile phones in 2012. Huawei hopes to be among the world's top three mobile phone vendors in five years.

"The major advantage for Chinese handset manufacturers is that they usually adapt quickly to market demand. In addition, being homegrown, they understand the culture and nuances of their Chinese customers," Egidio Zarrella, a partner at KPMG China, said in an email to China Daily.

Unlike Apple, which probably takes a year to research and test a new model, Chinese mobile phone manufacturers have a much higher productivity rate.

"From the idea to the actual handset hitting the market, the fastest Shenzhen producers only need 20 days," said Sun Wenping, secretary-general of the Shenzhen Mobile Communications Association. Shenzhen is a mobile phone production hub with a complete supply chain in South China.

He Shiyou, executive vice-president of ZTE Corp, said the average lifespan for a smartphone in China has become much shorter now, probably between three and six months. "Therefore ZTE has to move fast in order to not lag behind," he said.

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