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Japan needs thorough examination of its wartime aggression (2)


11:02, September 24, 2012

He also pointed to the failure of the Japanese government's foreign policy as it failed to recognize its own vulnerability.

"After all, China is the largest trading partner of Japan, (and) the two countries are closely intertwined in economy," he said.

He also compared the row with Japan's escalating territorial dispute with South Korea over the Dokdo Islands, known as Takeshima in Japan.

Looking at both of these events more closely, one would see that Japan's disputes with China and South Korea show that the lack of analysis of the history on the side of Japan plays an important role, the author said.

"Japan, like Germany, was the aggressor in the Second World War," Kujath wrote at the end of the article, adding that Japan still has to reflect over its wartime history.

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