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Prepare for long-term struggle over Diaoyu (2)

(Global Times)

08:33, September 24, 2012

The territorial dispute has evolved into a strategic matter. Sentiments involving the islands have accumulated beyond a territorial dispute.

China should avoid acting rashly. It should also avoid being too hesitant and losing any chance to regain control of the islands.

We must be clear this will be a long-term struggle, which may lead to sacrifices. We may easily be united in opposing Japan's public opinion, but if some Chinese people suffer economic losses due to less cooperation with Japan, we may have to face internal conflicts.

The possibility of a large-scale war between China and Japan due to the confrontation is much smaller than that of a compromise by one side due to internal conflicts caused by economic losses. What determines who will win the long-term struggle is the unity of society.

It's vital that each part of society attends to its own duty. China's foreign ministry and law enforcement authorities are leading this struggle, and military forces should be the backing. Even if a military clash occurs, it is key for Chinese society to remain in order and keep running vigorously.

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